Comby EEG Caps

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Comby EEG Caps are used to record EEG potential.

They are exclusively made in accordance with the international 10-20 system and the partial 10-10 system, which implies:

-          Comby EEG Caps are made in six different sizes which cover all sizes from the biggest head span to the smallest, or more precisely:

-          three children sizes (+ cap with 10 – 14 electrodes for infants)

-          three adult sizes (in case a child has the head span of an adult, the adult size is used)               

-          A specific electrode always detects a certain brain region, depending on the size of the head (its span). With every cap we provide a measure tape which is used to determine the cap size to be used.

-          According to customer requirement, caps with a different number of electrodes (from 10 to 42) can be manufactured.

COMBY EEG Caps are manufactured with gold plated electrodes and electrodes made from sintered silver chloride (Ag/AgCl), which are currently most suited for brain bio potential detection. They have low impedance and auto-potential. Their quality is reflected in excellent selectivity and stability.

To record EEG with both types of electrodes, a variety of conductive contact gels can be used.

Comby EEG Caps are connected directly via a 25-pin connector, if such a connector is supported by the device, or through an adapter cable.

The caps are usually attached below the chin, and for more sensitive patients or long-term recording they can be attached using a chest harness.


  • green 57-62
  • red 52-57
  • yellow 47-52
  • green d 42-47
  • red d 37-42
  • yellow d 32-37
  • yellow d 10 with 10 electrodes


The caps are selected according to the head span which is measured with the supplied special measure tape.

The appropriate cap is placed on the patient’s head. Each electrode must be slightly raised from the head and conductive contact gel must be applied with the help of a syringe with a plastic attachment (applicator) which is also used to spread the hair and for slight abrasion of the skin. The gel must be applied only underneath the electrode (not around it, because of the possibility of a short circuit).

After placement of the cap, wait one to two minutes and then start recording.


The EEG cap can be fastened under the patient’s chin using the Velcro straps (for routine recording), or the cap can be fastened to a chest harness which goes under the patient’s arms (for sensitive patients, children, longer recording sessions).


If the device supports a 25-pin connector, the cap is connected directly.

If the device does not support a 25-pin connector, the cap is connected through an adapter cable with DIN or 2mm plug.


After the recording is finished, the cap should be washed in warm water with a slight solution of liquid disinfectant hand detergent (Plivasept). If there is any leftover gel on the electrodes, it should be cleaned using a cotton swab. Rinse and dry with a towel and leave to dry for the following day.

Make sure that the leftover gel does not dry on the electrode because it creates a highly resistant layer which disables recording. Sterilize the caps in a gas sterilizer if necessary.


The electrodes are made of:

•    Ag/AgCl (sintered) plates
•    Gold plates