About us

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Pamel d.o.o. is a private firm which was founded and started operations in 1992.

We are oriented towards medical services.

The business program of the firm is primarily aimed at development and production and we have, independently and in cooperation with professional institutions, developed several products with uses in neurophysiology, psychophysiology and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

In 1992 we started work on constructing and clinically certifying our first analog two-channel EMG device. After that we started production and sales. The devices have been very successfully used as therapeutic and diagnostics equipment in physical medicine and rehabilitation. We also produce a pulsating electromagnetic field device (PEMF).

In 1996 we started development of the new cap for EEG which we branded the COMBY EEG CAP.

The Comby EEG Cap is currently in mass production and it is used in routine and special recordings.  It is being used in many clinics, hospitals, health centers and private practices in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, countries of the EU, Russia, USA, and other countries.  It is compatible with other EEG equipment whether it is connected directly or through an adapter cable.  We are continuously working on perfecting and improving the Comby EEG Cap.

The Comby EEG Caps have been rated very highly for their quality, usefulness and range of applications.

In 2007 we started cooperating with the firm Mind Media which produces and sells the NeXus biofeedback / neurofeedback devices.  We have become their representatives in Croatia and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

We also organize biofeedback / neurofeedback workshops.